This coming August 2022 — Patta, in partnership with Mamakashaka & Nike SHAPA Soweto, will kick off the first Next Wave exchange. For Patta, uplifting its community is central to the brand's mission which is why creating THE NEXT WAVE is about empowering the collective and creative community. This is a 2-day exchange program that is looking for the “next wave” of creatives from musicians to photographers and fashion designers.

Are you a creative who has the talent and needs guidance?

THE NEXT WAVE launch advances the Patta Academy further and will come to life through a 2-day exchange at Nike SHAPA Soweto in the south of Johannesburg. SHAPA serves as a safe space for the next generation of athletes and leaders.

THE NEXT WAVE will be bringing curated programmes of empowering workshops, inspiring talks, and powerful panel discussions led by industry experts and dedicated mentors.

This upcoming 2-day offering is a learning experience that will help push your creativity forward and help you navigate the path of your creative journey all in a supportive community of experts.




With UNKNWN PRJCTS, you’ll get the opportunity to get behind the sewing machine and turn the old into new, transforming your pre-loved threads into ready-to-wear garments, while getting insight into building a brand.



Led by Ganja Beatz, here’s your chance to go into the studio, get into the booth and behind the decks, and compose a song, from the very first bar, until you hit play — while getting advice on how to navigate the industry.



Guided by the internationally renowned Shaniqwa Jarvis, in this workshop, you will pick up your camera and learn how to channel its power, direct your lens and understand its aperture. Here you will go from idea to image with a mentor who will give you support on entering and moving through the photography industry.

THE NEXT WAVE is opening its doors for the young who feel that this opportunity truly speaks to them. Entries are open from today (19th July) to the 26th of July. Entrants must be young adults aged between 18 – 25 in search of inspiration, and mentorship and are ambitiously aiming to go that extra mile.

Sign up here or visit to be part of THE NEXT WAVE.

About Patta Academy
Patta Academy is a program that offers young adults with entrepreneurial talent the opportunity to expand their horizons and perspectives. By doing this, Patta is able to build a sustainable community of young entrepreneurs, supported by entrepreneurs and individuals who did it before them. The focus of the academy is to train very talented and highly motivated young people aged 16 to 25 and during this whole process, the recruits train the “athlete mindset” as participants will gain entrepreneurial skills, tools, and network, but above all a perspective on how to make their dreams come true.

About Mamakashaka
Mamakashaka is a creative agency based in Johannesburg. They specialize in creating engaging and authentic connections for brands & communities with their target audience through compelling content and experiences. The agency creates beautiful, authentic, measurable experiences & content for the arts, culture & lifestyle communities. Their creations are loved by individuals, desired by brands & followed by trends.

About Nike Shapa Soweto
Nike Shapa Soweto is a multi-disciplinary centre that provides the community of Soweto with a variety of sports facilities including a 400m running track, training studio and dance studios, a skate park, and two FIFA-accredited football fields, and two small-sided fields.

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