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To showcase the bold and futuristic PUMA RS-X 3D, we linked up with two shapeshifters in the music and creative space. Insertcoinz and Leezy Lindokuhle are making the right moves and pushing the boundaries when it comes to their stellar work.

By: Kemiso Wessie
Photography: Simba Raws
Visuals: Wes Thesis
Set Design & Creative Direction: Thabo & Thabiso
Lighting & Digi Tech: Thato_Director P
Set Assistant: Grape The Creator
Production Assitant: Lerato Modiselle
Make-up & Look: Khanyisile Nyathi

Music and fashion play a crucial role in shaping the cultural zeitgeist, which is embodied by these two, and that is evident with just a mirror of what they have achieved.

She invents her own game and finds a way to keep winning—that's the essence of Leezy Lindokuhle's journey to success. She has established herself as a multi-talented artist, songwriter, fashion model, and qualified music producer, making her mark on the South African music scene.

Leezy's unique style has caught the attention of many, earning her a spot as a Top 30 finalist in the Sportscene Put Me On competition in 2020. Furthermore, she has been tearing up stages at infamous festivals such as Cotton Fest, Miles of Rage, and Reckless Festival.

Sindiso Tshuma, known to the streets as Insertcoinz, has always had a keen interest in all things related to the creative industry.

Co-founding the BROKE streetwear label,  Insertcoinz has taken his diverse talents to new heights as a music producer, DJ, model, and student of culture.

Insertcoinz's accomplishments have spread far beyond music as his career has taken off, from partnering up with Red Bull to being featured in international campaigns. For him,  it's not just about the music, but the intersection of all aspects of culture.


Q: Introduce yourself and what you're known for?

LEEZY: I’m a female rapper, born and raised in Snake Park. I'm a songwriter, fashion model, and qualified music producer. My music journey began in high school. In 2013, my brother passed away, so I started writing to express what I was going through. I didn’t see myself as a poet though, because I’ve always been a hip-hop lover, so I thought maybe I could try this rap thing.

INSERTCOINZ: I grew up in Fordsburg, but I was always around The Market Theatre. You know, going to those things, I’ve always been around the creative energy, but I feel like once I moved to Cape Town in 2012, that’s when I started figuring myself out. That’s when I found myself. I feel like the creative thing was the only thing I could do. I’m the co-founder of Broke; I make music, produce, DJ, and model, but more than anything, I am a student of culture. I try to familiarize myself with the way of living, interacting with people, and knowing what’s happening outside.


Q: What inspires your creativity?

LEEZY: My experiences, environment, and daily life are all sources of inspiration. Music is a way for me to express what I'm feeling; it’s therapy. I’m from the hood, and I feel like people in the hood can relate to the type of music that I make. I represent both what I felt and where I come from.

INSERTCOINZ: I get inspired by a lot of things. It could be the space; it could be the people around me. I get inspired by life: watching people go about their lives and existing. Inspiration comes at anytime; it just depends. I’m motivated by my curiosity; I’m always trying to figure out if I’ll be able to grow through a situation. I want to see where I’m going to be in the next five years. That’s the only motivation that I have—trying to see if I could do better than I did yesterday.

Q: What has been a breakthrough moment in your career?

LEEZY: In 2020, I was a Top 30 finalist in the Sportscene Put Me On competition. Even though I didn’t win, it brought attention to me. Then, the same year, I entered and won the On the Beat by Better App competition, and that brought even more attention; it was locked down and everybody was on social media. I also was featured on Danko Zalo with a bunch of female rappers and produced by Champuru Makhenzo, who’s worked with so many big names.

INSERTCOINZ: When I was a featured model in Hypebeast in 2018, it was the biggest at the time for me. But when we launched BROKE in 2018 and relaunched it in 2020, I felt like that was the biggest, and now we’ve really been doing it for years.


Q: What are some of the best projects you have done so far?

LEEZY: I’ve dropped Khuzani in 2020 and Yizo Yizo and the music video in 2021; last year I dropped the Mnike featuring Phantom Steeze and ipstarsk and released the music video for it in February this year. I did Cotton Fest in 2022 and 2023, and I did the Nedbank Youth X live event last year. I’ve done Miles of Rage, Reckless Festival, and some Titch Gang Records events, but I still take the smaller gigs because you never know what could come from them.

INSERTCOINZ: The thing about my life is that I’m caught up in so many things, and it’s tricky to pick some of my best moments, but I would say that I’m proud of my growth. I’m more confident in my music now more than ever, and some of the best moments with my music are getting a deal with Red Bull, getting an international campaign, and being able to sing my music on that.

Q: Tell us about your love for fashion and sneakers?

LEEZY: I’ve always loved fashion because of my mom; she always made sure that we were well-dressed, and in high school, I was friends with people who were also really into fashion. I’m in love with fashion because how you look determines how you feel; if I’m dripped up and I look all sexy and nice, then I’ll definitely feel good.

INSERTCOINZ: Fashion is a way of life; it’s what people see before they speak to you. Sometimes they could be wrong and sometimes they could be right, but it gives someone a perspective of who you are. I like dressing up because looking good makes you feel good, then you do good. It’s all about looking presentable for myself.

Q: How does the PUMA RS-X 3D fit into your style? What do you love about them?

LEEZY: I would probably wear them with baggy jeans and a crop top, I can also like wear them with like tights because they are really comfortable. They add a little bit of height, which I need sometimes, and are really colorful. When I’m buying sneakers, I need to think of the clothes that I already have at home and think that I can wear these with a lot of fits; they don’t bind you.

INSERTCOINZ: The fit into the sportswear, and athleisure aesthetic, which lies with comfort, and I’m always trying to achieve comfort in what I wear. Simple and classic things can be worn multiple times and in different ways.

Up Next...

Up next on Leezy's schedule, she'll be working on more music and collaborations. "I think the music will allow the right people to want to collaborate, but for now, the most important part is consistency in everything."

Insertcoinz is working on his debut album and brand partnerships, along with growing the BROKE brand. "At this point, I am just trying to grow."

The PUMA RS-X 3D footwear is available at PUMA.com, PUMA Retail stores, Sportscene, Side Step and Shesha and retails for R2 199.



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