Without a doubt, today, social media has reshaped the game for creators in music, fashion, art, and the coolest realms of imagination.

It’s where we feast our eyes on daily for some enjoyable content and get to discover our favourite creators. However, for most creators, mastering these platforms is no breeze. That’s where Meta’s Creator Lab steps in.

On Friday, September 22, 2023, Meta graced Johannesburg, South Africa, with the Creator Lab programme, where a multitude of creators gathered for a meticulously crafted workshop experience.

The event invited creators to get some informative gems about tools they can explore on Meta platforms like Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp, while also sharing their experiences on how they keep on creating on a daily basis.

Inside the room, brimming with youthful, up-and-coming, and aspiring creators, each had their own unique insights into harnessing these platforms.

Rofhiwa Maneta

Leading the program was Rofhiwa Maneta, Strategic Partner Manager for Creators in Sub-Saharan Africa at Meta. He generously shared invaluable tips and wisdom to help creators enhance their content creation skills and adopt best practices for making the most of these tools.

Moon Baz

Furthermore, Meta’s forefront experts from various divisions, including Moon Baz, Bahjat Hindy, Oluwasola Obagbemi, and Eren Sagir, spearheaded the Creator Lab. They explored a range of topics, including mastering Threads, enhancing their presence on Instagram, creating captivating Instagram reels and uncharted Instagram channels, refining content creation skills, and introducing the newly launched WhatsApp channel.

Eren Sagir
Oluwasola Obagbemi

“We’re here to educate creators on our recent product rollouts, new features that Meta has launched, how creators can leverage these to grow their audience, build the community, make a living out of it, and how to navigate these different platforms, these different products, and, basically, to encourage them to utilize more of our platforms,” said Moon Baz, Head of Meta’s Creator Partnerships, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey.


Notable creators @pdjokes and @superherointraining took the stage, sharing their strategies for consistently producing relevant content within their niches while maintaining their distinctiveness in a competitive landscape. Additionally, @s.crumptious and @mpho_pink joined a women’s panel to offer their invaluable insights on their creative journeys.

The Creator Lab program drew a constellation of talented content creators, including @thembombrsa, @reggie.mohlabi, @snimhlongo, @chad_13jones, @zayaan4, @nchls_b, just to name a few.

We spoke more about the Creator Lab with Moon Baz:

“We’re here to give a voice to emerging creators, to up-and-coming creators; we’re here to support any type of creators, influencers, to basically make a living, to get to the audience they want, get. So we’re definitely invested a lot in SSA in general, South Africa as well. It’s a growing market for creators.”

“I would say the most important thing for me is that creators have to be genuine; they have to do what they love; they have to turn their passion into business. We do not encourage creators to do something that is out of their comfort zone or that does not relate to them. And by doing so, there’s a suite of products and features that we offer at Meta, and we want them to leverage them based on what their objective is. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook Threads, IG broadcast channels, or WhatsApp broadcast channels, we are constantly launching products and features to help out creators out there.”

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