As the sun set over Pretoria’s Menlyn Maine Central Square this past weekend, it marked not just the end of another day but also the closing chapter of The Jameson Distillery on Tour in South Africa.

The event brought together a fusion of delightful experiences for those who attended throughout the weekend.

The ambiance was electric, with a fusion of live music performances, DJ sets, engaging cocktail classes, enlightening whiskey tastings, and a number of fun activities that kept spirits high.



The highlight of the evening? Undoubtedly the tantalizing cocktails crafted with Jameson whiskey, accompanied by an immersive tasting experience that guided enthusiasts on how to enjoy this fine Irish spirit.

Adding a vibe to the occasion, artists like Focalistic, Daliwonga, Morda, Young Stunna, K Mat, and K.O took the stage to entertain the crowd.

With South Africa saying goodbye to this remarkable event, all eyes are now on Namibia, the next stop on the Jameson Distillery on Tour journey.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Brenton Forson who is the Head of Portfolio of Whiskey at Jameson to get a deeper insight into this captivating tour:


Brenton Forson


Tell us more about the Jameson Distillery on Tour?
Forson: The Jameson distillery on tour is a multi-sensorial activation or event that we hold for our whiskey lovers as well as people interested in the development or the making of Jameson and whiskey.
Basically, the concept you see has been based on the distillery on Bow Street in Dublin Ireland, what we have done is bring the distillery to life but also incorporating into a lot of activities that tie into our brand pillars. Some of these activities include the distillery tour as well as tastings, we have got the masterclass mixology, the grooming stations and games to offer.

Since the tour is concluding in South Africa, where is it headed next?
Forson: This is the last distillery on tour in South Africa, we are sad to see it go. We have been doing this for three years now in SA and we have seen our reach grow.
The tour is moving to Zambia next, and we cannot wait to see how it will be well received that side.



What are some of the standout moments or highlights from the tour?
Forson: The key highlights are exactly what the brand aims to do and that is to bring in our kindred spirit together and as you can see from today, as you have entered, you get your colour wrists bands which are about us interacting with each other and widening the circle.
That has been one of the biggest things around us, bringing people across the nation together and then to share what they love about Jameson but on top of that it is about the tasting and breaking down the barrier around whiskey.

The Jameson Distillery on Tour has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on South Africa, and as it continues its journey across borders.


Have a look at some of the moment we captured from this event:






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