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inDrive's latest campaign is more than just an ordinary campaign! While you continue jamming to the Amapiano this season, inDrive takes a turn for meaningful transformation with their newly released Amapiano song ‘Layita.’ By streaming the song, you will be shedding light on community challenges like street lighting and power outages in Khayelitsha.


For this initiative, inDrive has partnered with the renowned Amapiano artist Khanyisa, to release the song ‘Layita’ ( translates ‘light up’), which embodies the campaign's essence, encouraging people to stream the track from November 24, 2023, to January 31, 2024, on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

Khanyisa is well-known for her songs like 'Suka' with Tyler ICU and her feature on Mr JazziQ’s 'Ungangi Bambi.'

Also collaborating with inDrive on the song are producer/DJ Ice Beats Slide and artist/dancer Sbuda Maleather to leverage the genre's cultural significance and widespread appeal.

The campaign's objective is to prompt South Africans to stream the song extensively, where for every 2000 streams, a solar light will be installed in Khayelitsha come February 2024.

The target is set at 50 solar lights, aiming to light up the community, ultimately increasing visibility at night and improving safety.

inDrive strategically aligned with the Amapiano genre for this campaign due to its compelling origins in South African townships and its swift rise to global popularity.  Recognizing its strong resonance with inDrive's target demographic, the decision to incorporate Amapiano has the potential to greatly enhance the effectiveness of the campaign message.

This intentional decision aims to strengthen inDrive's position in the South African market, utilizing the cultural connection and broad appeal of Amapiano to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Khayelitsha, which means 'New Home' in Xhosa, is a township in the Western Cape and stands as one of South Africa's largest and fastest-growing townships. Given its location in Cape Town, inDrive's closeness to Khayelitsha made it an ideal community to benefit significantly from being a part of the inaugural project.





In addition to the musicians, the acclaimed visual artist Samurai Farai crafted the cover artwork for the song 'Layita'. Farai shared his motivation for joining the campaign, describing it as 'a phenomenal opportunity to come together to bring about social change' and enhance the lives of the Khayelitsha community.

Cover artwork for the song designed by Samurai Farai.


We had the chance to connect with Khanyisa and discuss her role in this campaign.

YOMZANSI: Introduce yourself to those who might not know you.
Khanyisa: I’m Khanyisa, a digital creator, musician, and all-in-one fun time.

Y: Tell us what we are doing here today.
K: We’re recording a song for a beautiful project by inDrive. We took light for granted since load-shedding. Light provides a feeling of safety, and this project gives back to one of the many communities that give and help their businesses.

Y: Tell us about your involvement in the Layita Khayelitsha campaign.
K: I’m one of the musicians for the song. Amapiano is such a versatile genre, and South Africa is becoming well-known for it. My passion for women in society aligns with this project because of how relevant it is for safety and security.

Y: How did the collaboration with inDrive come about?
K: My name means turn on the lights, so the project just made sense. I believe in blessings in disguise in that way.

Y: What is the importance of such initiatives by brands and music artists?
K: As a brand, you want to reflect the values of the brands you collaborate with. My social media accounts are a consistent outpour of positivity and support for people, specifically women. I’ve built myself into a brand that other brands can trust. I believe in standing on your values, being smart about your brand, and figuring out how to move in a way that aligns with your brand; keep it authentic, keep it Khanyisa. As a content creator, you notice brands that care and give back, and inDrive is one of those brands.

Y: What can fans look forward to in this collaboration?
K: Crazy beats, obviously singing along, a song that is part of our story.


We also had the opportunity to chat with Lineo Thakhisi, inDrive Africa’s Public Relations Manager, to provide additional insights into the campaign.

YOMZANSI: Tell us what we are doing here today.
LINEO THAKHISI: These are exciting times launching the initiative in South Africa. inDrive has been around in South Africa since 2019, but the whole company has existed for 10 years. We wanted to do something that aligns with the company and what it does. It was established to challenge injustices in e-hailing, which works with algorithms that can be very stereotypical. inDrive was established to combat high prices on fares and driver commissions, capping them at a max of 10%. We've broadened our mission to challenge injustices within society, and here in South Africa, load-shedding is a significant issue.

Y: Tell us about the inDrive Layita Khayelitsha campaign.
LT: We were basically looking for something that tackles challenges and incorporate it into Amapiano, something that resonates with Africa and our inDrive customers at the moment.

Y: How did the campaign come about?
LT: inDrive was established to challenge injustices, and that’s what we continue to do. We’ve broadened our arms into challenging injustice within different spaces. Music is a joyful way to pass on a message and use someone and a genre that’s easily identifiable by our customers.

Y: Why did you choose to collaborate with an Amapiano artist?
LT: The project aims to install a total of 50 streetlights, where 200 streams of the song equal a streetlight. This won’t be much of a challenge to reach, given the popularity of the genre and the musicians.

Y: And why did the campaign target the Khayelitsha township specifically?
LT: Companies should give back to the communities they operate in and the people they employ. The campaign realizes the challenges faced by the Khayelitsha community, such as insufficient street lighting, which contributes to heightened crime and a sense of instability.

Y: What is the importance of such initiatives?
LT: inDrive operates in developing economies and was established as a company that wanted to offer fair business while functioning to make mobility accessible and fair while challenging other things that go on in the world.

Y: What are other initiatives that we can look forward to from inDrive?
LT: We currently have the Aurora Award for amazing women in tech, the Supernovas initiative, which offers coaching and mentorship for kids in Africa, and our Underdog project, which supports startups. After all, inDrive was once a startup too, and we're implementing these initiatives right here in the country.

inDrive is in it for the long haul, and based on the success of this campaign, we will consider rolling out the project in other areas of the country. They will oversee the installation, which will take place in February 2024, and hand over the management of the lights to the local NGO, overall showcasing their commitment to ‘keeping the lights on' in Khayelitsha.


The song 'Layita' is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube—check it out and help light up Khayelitsha.


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