On Thursday, December 14, Johannesburg’s vibrant 1 Fox venue played host to Spotify’s much-anticipated annual Wrapped party, transcending the typical soirée to become a celebration of the music that resonated throughout the year.

The venue pulsated with energy as media luminaries, influencers, and enthusiastic party-goers immersed themselves in an unforgettable night.

Attendees were treated to a star-studded affair, with the creme de la creme of Johannesburg’s media, influencers, and music industry mavens converging for a night of stellar performances and shared musical appreciation.


Following the success of a similar event in Lagos, Nigeria, Spotify’s Wrapped party in Joburg was headlined by South Africa’s top musical talents, including Kabza De Small, Success, Chley, A-Reece, Maglera Doe Boy, and the sensational Makhadzi.

The ambiance was nothing short of electric, heightened by an impeccably designed stage that captivated the audience. Instagram-ready photobooths, gaming arena and a ‘Wrapped’ mini-mart added a playful touch to the festivities, featuring groceries and home essentials for the social media-savvy attendees.


The pinnacle of the evening unfolded with Makhadzi’s electrifying performance, leaving the crowd exhilarated and thoroughly entertained, not forgetting peformances from A-Reece and Maglera Doe Boy. Amapiano maestros Kabza De Small and Kelvin Momo ensured the dance floor remained ablaze throughout the night.

In essence, the Spotify Wrapped Party wasn’t just an event; it marked an exceptional kickoff to the festive season, a joyous celebration of the music that defined the year, and a resplendent conclusion to 2023. Undoubtedly, it set the stage for a Detty December, leaving a melodic imprint on the memories of all who attended.















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