Celebrating the diversity of local dance styles, including Sbujwa, Pantsula, Voguing, and Breakdancing.

Over the weekend, Nike brought the vibrant spirit of dance to Johannesburg with the Joburg edition of Own the Floor at Steelworx in Newtown.

This event, held on Friday, 15 December 2023, celebrated the richness of local dance styles, featuring the dynamic Sbujwa, the mesmerizing footwork of Pantsula, stylish voguish moves, and the high-energy artistry of breakdancing.

Renowned choreographer and presenter Bontle Modiselle took center stage as the event host, alongside Robot Boii and Jesus Bopape.

Own The Floor goes beyond just showcasing dance; it's a platform dedicated to uplifting the entire dance community, embracing every unique movement. The essence of the event is encapsulated in the idea of claiming your space, expressing yourself, and reveling in the positive vibes that surround the dance floor.


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