A Night of Hip Hop Nostalgia and Future Vibes

In a celebration that echoed the beats and rhythms of hip hop history, Reebok made a powerful comeback with the event “Back Like We Never Left.” The energy was palpable at Cape Town’s Alley on 7 December 2023, as Reebok marked 50 iconic years of hip hop, taking the audience on a journey through the soul of this influential genre.

The event, a culmination of Reebok’s longstanding connection with hip hop culture, immersed attendees in an experience that paid homage to the golden days of hip hop while looking ahead to its vibrant future. From classic beats that resonate with the soul to an immersive video installation, the night was a testament to the energy that has kept hip hop alive for half a century.



Reebok’s historical ties with hip hop date back to the 1980s, recognizing the genre’s transformative impact on sports, fashion, and culture. The brand has stood alongside hip hop trailblazers, forming legendary partnerships that have left an indelible mark on the culture.

The event featured iconic performances by DJ Ready D, YoungstaCPT, Nadia Nakai, Blxckie, Rarri, Uncle Partytime, Bravo le Roux, and the Beat Bangers against a backdrop inspired by the legendary hip hop parties at New York City’s The Tunnel.

A standout moment of the night was the debut of DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT’s new track, “Back Like I Never Left,” adding a fresh beat to the historic celebration. Attendees were not just spectators; they were part of a journey through the soul of hip hop in real-time.

Reebok’s commitment to hip hop culture was evident not only in the performances but also in the immersive experience. Attendees could explore the unforgettable eras that have shaped hip hop over the past 50 years, from old-school beatboxing to the rise of trap. The event showcased Reebok’s classic silhouettes that have left a cultural impact on hip hop.

While “Back Like We Never Left” was a nostalgic homage, Reebok teased that it’s just the beginning. As the night concluded, the promise of more iconic experiences lingered in the air, leaving attendees excited for the next chapter in Reebok’s journey through the world of hip hop.









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