On a crisp Friday evening in Cape Town, Schweppes unveiled its groundbreaking innovation, "The Social Sound," transforming the city's streets into a pulsating auditory adventure. What began as a quest for music turned into a social revolution, as music enthusiasts embarked on a journey guided by their headphones.


In collaboration with Amapiano sensation Daliwonga, Schweppes orchestrated a modern-day treasure hunt, enticing fans with snippets of Daliwonga's chart-topping track, "Howa You." The challenge was clear: follow the music to discover the secret location of an exclusive live event.

As participants roamed the city streets, their headphones became more than mere audio devices; they became immersive navigators, guiding listeners towards the heart of the experience. With each step, the music swelled, drawing them closer to the epicenter of the event—a live performance by Daliwonga and acclaimed DJs, including DJ Le Soul and the Scorpion Kings.

Pietro Pio Cirsone, Global Creative Strategy Director at The Coca-Cola Company, emphasized the importance of genuine socialization, urging individuals to break free from screen-bound interactions and embrace real-life connections. Ramokone Ledwaba, Senior Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Africa, echoed this sentiment, highlighting Schweppes' commitment to celebrating the joy of human connection.

The campaign, spearheaded by WPP Open X and Grey, with sound engineering by Yessian, orchestrated a symphony of anticipation and excitement. By deconstructing Daliwonga's track, the journey became a crescendo of music and emotion, culminating in an electrifying live show.

"The Social Sound" redefined the role of headphones, transforming them into personal guides to the city's heartbeat. With Schweppes, every beat became a step towards a new social experience, inviting participants to rediscover the thrill of togetherness in the vibrant streets of Cape Town.


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