This year, Nike marked the 10th anniversary of Air Max Day by unveiling the future of Air technology: Air Max Dn – as ‘dynamic air’ continues a legacy of propelling footwear technology forward.

Since its inception, Air Max Day has been more than just a celebration of sneakers; it's a tribute to the rich heritage of Air Max, a commitment to evolving the platform for future generations, and a movement that continues to inspire and innovate.

In the heart of Johannesburg’s Sandton City, the Nike Concept Store morphed into a riot of colour and sound – the set’s hues nodding to this year’s sneaker drop – as Air Max Day unfolded in a whirlwind of creativity and imagination.

Dubbed ‘Airmax, Behind the Unreal’ this year's event offered attendees an exclusive peek behind the scenes, as a live portrait editorial unfolded before our eyes. At the centre of it all stood four of South Africa’s visionary young creatives, blazing new trails across styling, nails, hair, and make-up – and bringing their skills together to realise our cover shoot.

As pulse of the event was set to the beats of Tumi Turner, Dee Traits, Ten Oceans and Uncle Partytime, serving up the soundtrack to an day of boundless exploration and self-expression, Neo Serati, Nails by Matthew, Hair by Blackrose and Mbali Christina took centre stage.

Serati, the fashion phenom known for his boundary-pushing designs, spoke passionately about the inspiration behind his styling for the cover shoot. “Buoyancy is the word that came to mind when I started creating my look. I wanted to evoke the feeling of floating and flying — almost standing on water”.

In creative synergy, Hair by Blackrose also took inspiration from the elements — creating a look “inspired by the story of a Zulu goddess who is known to be a shapeshifter and has many names”. The goddess’ ability to travel between bodies of water, by taking to the sky, echoes Serati’s buoyancy. “It speaks to the ability to adapt in a new environment and thrive outside your comfort zone — a power that we all have within us, that has the ability to take us from the deepest of waters, through pressure, into the highest of stratospheres. This is what Dynamic Air means to me”, she explained.

Coupled with Nails by Matthew’s expressive nail art and Mbali Christiana’s bold and vibrant make-up — that explored Nike’s mission to make sports available to everyone, everywhere, and highlighting their support of the LGBTIQA+ community, Air Max Behind the Unreal showcased the importance of community and a shared vision.




As the day unfolded, dynamic looks shifted before our eyes, as we watched the set come to life and constantly transform. The collaboration between Nike and local creatives conjured up a scene that revealed the work (and play) that goes into realising creative vision – and just how much of that is contingent on collaboration.

From feathered eyes to sculptural hair designs and a plush purple air-filled set, the looks on display disruptively pushed boundaries – modelled by Tenoceans, Prudence Tebogo, Samkelo Zwane, and Mbalenhle Phokwana.



It wasn't only about feeling the unreal; it was about immersing oneself completely in the surreal experience – a place where boundaries dissolved, and possibilities stretched to infinity. As the event drew to a close, we stepped out of the store inspired, with a newfound sense of wonder and possibility.

For in the realm of the unreal, anything is possible, and the only limit is the extent of our own imagination.


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