The Nike Well Festival is set to make its debut in Johannesburg this weekend,13 April 2024 at 93 Carr Street, Newtown - offering a day packed with activities focused on movement, mindfulness, and sound, all supported by the Nike Well Collective. Breaking stereotypes and misconceptions about wellness, the festival aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone to explore their wellness journey.


Attendees can look forward to a variety of activities throughout the day, starting from 9 am when the doors open until 9 pm when the festival concludes. Hosted in Newtown, Johannesburg, the festival will feature signature workouts led by Nike Well Collective coaches and trainers, including collaborative workouts and Amapiano Step classes.

Participants can also indulge in recovery treatments such as massages, physical therapeutic coloring sessions, and making essential oils and candles in the Nike Sanctuary.

For those seeking mindfulness experiences, the festival offers sessions such as sound meditation, Tai Chi, Chroma Yoga, and even Hip Hop meditation. Nutrition enthusiasts can enjoy a forage meal experience and learn about building their own gardens for better nutrition. The festival also emphasizes connection through activities like "The Pack" ramp runs and live podcast sessions with Gugu Nyantsumba.

Guests at the Nike Well Festival include prominent figures from the Nike Well Collective such as Banessa Tseki, Tarryn Alberts, Mbali Shongwe, and others. Partnering with wellness lifestyle and mindfulness experts, Nike aims to provide a holistic wellness experience that celebrates all bodies and forms of movement.

With the Nike Well Collective launched earlier in March, comprising Nike trainers, coaches, DJs, communities, presenters, and wellness experts, the festival is part of Nike's commitment to supporting people's wellness journeys. By offering a diverse range of activities and experiences, the Nike Well Festival invites everyone to join in and explore wellness in their own way.


You can get tickets to the Nike Well Festival here and find out more about the Nike Well Collective here.



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