ANTA KAI 1 "Playoffs"

Leading up to the NBA Playoffs, performance footwear brand ANTA has officially revealed the "Playoffs" pack. This release includes the fourth and fifth colorways of the ANTA KAI 1.


Inspired by Kyrie Irving's ethos, the latest ANTA KAI 1 sneakers symbolize physical, mental, and spiritual elements from Irving’s heritage.

The two-shoe pack celebrates Kai's team and Dallas, featuring "Playoff White" and "Playoff Navy" colourways. The colours symbolize strength, speed, focus, and agility, with blue and green hues highlighted in this pack.

“Playoff Navy”

The “Playoff Navy” showcases a Deep Sea Blue upper with neon lotus pink accents throughout. The toe cap combines neon lotus pink, grass green, and secret green. Once again, the branding of the lateral ANTA logo and the KAI logo on the tongue is metallic gold.


“Playoff White”

The “Playoff White” features a Papyrus White upper with Neon Lotus Pink lace loops. Kai’s code accents are in green grass, and the lateral ANTA logo and KAI logo on the tongue are metallic gold, symbolizing the Post-Season trophy Kai and his team aim for. The top cap showcases Native American-inspired weaving from “Artists on Court” in a new three-color combination: secret green, deep sea blue, and green grass.


Both colourways feature a heel graphic, hieroglyphic alphabet, “master your craft” statement, and war marks—totaling Irving’s jersey number 11—which connect with fans to tell a true tribal story. These elements emphasize the battle theme, representing all aspects of Irving’s game, and include a forefoot lockdown strap for protection, with rubber threading inspired by Kyrie's tribal roots to complement his unique maneuvers.


The Kyrie Irving & ANTA KAI 1 in Playoff White "Home" and Playoff Navy "Away" colourways will be available from Friday, May 17, 2024, in limited numbers at ANTA's store (Melrose Arch), coinciding with the launch of ANTA's first store in South Africa.



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