Social media erupted in a frenzy of chocolate cravings and double takes as Nestlé's magical digital transformation of Soweto’s Soccer City flooded timelines, showcasing the rise of a fun and innovative marketing trend. Nestlé is causing a stir in Soweto with a one-of-a-kind magical feat – a chocolate takeover! As part of the new "Enjoy a Little Magic" campaign, this winter, Nestlé is inviting South Africans to embrace their inner child and let their need to indulge reign free.


When you hear the word chocolate, you are transported back to the simple joys of childhood, and Nestlé's new CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) stunt aims to do just that. The widely talked about stunt is an invitation to bask in the wonders of confectionery, with chocolate bubbles and air balloons emerging from the Soccer City to fill the Soweto skyline, enticing consumers to take pleasure in the nostalgic bliss that chocolate can ignite.

The "Enjoy a Little Magic" campaign invites you to dream big and imagine a world filled with everything that brings you delight, all while enjoying a Nestlé chocolate bar. The magic ingredient? Cutting-edge technology. Nestlé's campaign uses the power of CGI to craft a captivating illusion, reimagining an iconic South African landmark infused with magical energy. Get ready for an enchanting Soweto, with virtual KitKat, BarOne, Aero, and Tex chocolates playfully tumbling down the iconic Soccer City and delighting all those who have a chance to witness this spectacular display of magic.

Nestlé's Category Marketing Manager for Confectionery, Robin Lesch, is thrilled with the incredible response to the "Enjoy a Little Magic" campaign. "It's more than just a digital takeover," Lesch explains.

"It's a delicious invitation for everyone to embrace joy and a touch of whimsical magic through the use of technology, bringing a delightful surprise to our consumers. In the lead up to World Chocolate Day, this campaign is our own special way of taking chocolate lovers on a nostalgic adventure, by giving them a few moments to take a break from their worries and indulge in our chocolate goodness."

Nestlé's Soccer City takeover is a sweet reminder that advertising can be both innovative and delightful. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more imaginative campaigns that blur the lines between reality and digital fantasy. So, the next time you see an enchanting ad online, don't be surprised – it might just be the future of marketing taking a delicious bite out of the competition.




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