STYLE BASE #45: PUMA RS 9.8 Sci-Fi


Photography: ThaboThabiso

Model: GilbertBleachbomb_

Styling: Gilbert + ThaboThabiso


For those who dare to break laws of physics and societal rules, PUMA introduces the RS 9.8 Sci-Fi sneaker with its futuristic silhouette as a nod to humanity’s interstellar desires.

The name RS 9.8 refers to 9.8 m/s2, which is the approximate speed of gravitational acceleration near the Earth’s surface.

The new PUMA RS 9.8 Sci-Fi features various elements from the acclaimed RS Family including comfy sock liners and the shock-absorbing RS foam. Both silhouettes feature are fresh and futuristic, with vibrant colour pops and multiple materials mix.

Gilbert is keeping it nice and simple with a trio of Floral Shirt in Navy paired off with Color Film Reflective Sunglasses and a Drawstring Bucket Hat in Blue.

Heading down to the lower half Gilbert slipped into Ombre Galaxy Print Wind Joggers before lacing up a fresh pair of PUMA RS 9.8 Sci-Fi .






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